Hi, I'm Mel!

Turning 30 was my skincare epiphany.

There I was, a soap-and-whatever-moisturiser's-on-sale user, just like many of us trying to look after their skin.

But then, an allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals hidden in skincare products was a real eye-opener.

It was shocking to discover some ingredients were akin to what's used in garage degreasers and brake fluid!

That moment sparked a quest for change, steering me towards natural skincare.

Driven by my passion for holistic, ethical beauty, I launched Merindah Botanicals - a blend of my personal experiences, values, and dedication to creating skincare that's naturally nourishing and beautifully effective.

It's more than skincare; it's a celebration of natural beauty and well-being, crafted for the busy, modern woman who values their health, self-care and wellbeing.

Real Stories, Real Results

Hear from our happy customers who've experienced the transformative power of Merindah Botanicals.

Their journeys reflect our commitment to delivering not just skincare, but a ritual of selfcare and glow.

I’ve been using Merindah Botanicals products for a month or so now and I cannot believe the changes in my skin!

I absolutely love the products especially the Konjac sponge. My skin is left feeling silky and smooth and soft. Highly recommend anyone to give these products a try.


Love this set I buy monthly. The Konjac sponge is a game changer for cleansing and the cleanser is really effective and great on my skin. I find I wake up feeling like my skin is plump and glowing. Very hydrating!!! Highly recommended!


Both me and my skin absolutely love it.

I love that it's lightly scented, and it uses essential oils for an aromatherapeutic experience.

The Rosehip oil is amazing. My skin feels more nourished, glowing, and relaxed every time I use it.

It looks like my age spot is also fading, which I am very excited as I am big on natural beauty remedies.

I also love the body lotion for its clean, fresh scent and how soft and hydrated my skin feels after using it.


This product was so good over winter. I found that the skin on my legs was particularly dry in a few spots and I'd put this product on overnight to hydrate the area. It was amazing. I will definitely be using it again next winter.


I was embarrassed of my skin and I would have never left the house without wearing makeup.

After using the Cleanser, Toner, Face Cream and pure Rosehip Oil for a month, my skin feels so much better.

Actually, my skin has never felt so clear and fresh. I now have the confidence to never wear makeup. I don't need to anymore.


Your Journey to Healthy Skin That Glows Starts Here

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