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28 day bautifull challenge

Change your skin in 28 days

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to glowing skin tomorrow morning?

Well it's not that simple... you have to nourish and care for your skin daily to get and maintain that glow. And we show you how!

Join our FREE 28 Day Beautiful Skin Challenge to glowing skin.

When you join our community of Skincare Warriors, you'll be surrounded by a community that'll support you & cheer you along!

The Next Challenge Begins 29th May.

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health benefits

Health Benefits

Our challenge is good for your overall health!



Join an incredible community that'll support & cheer you along!


weekly challenge

Weekly Challenges

Challenge yourself in more areas of your life such as hydration, healthy food and more.



Win prizes by doing the weekly challenges and/or winning the grand prize at the end!

beautiful skin challenge

Fall in Love With Your 

New Skin

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Who Can Join?

who can join us

Anyone! After registering, you'll be invited to join our Facebook Group where all the fun happens!



How do I join the challenge?

Register for FREE up above! You will then receive your official challenge packet with your pledge card & instructions on how to join our Facebook Group (where the challenge is hosted).

Print the pledge card, write your name & post a selfie in the group with your pledge card, introducing yourself. 

How much does it cost to join?

It's FREE to join the 28 Day Beautiful Skin Challenge! But the best part?... After you register, you will receive a 10% OFF coupon code to save on your first (or next if you're an existing customer) skincare order to make the challenge more fun 😉

I don't have a printer to print the pledge card, can I still join?

Absolutely! Many members use their phones to keep track or write on a piece of paper. There are a bunch of creative ways to still make your pledge.

How do I know what the weekly challenge is & who that week's winners are?

Every Sunday at 11am AEST we will announce the winners & the next week’s weekly challenge in our Facebook group via live video.

How do I win the grand prize at the end?

The 28 Day Beautiful Skin Challenge is all about accomplishment and change. We’ll be following along everyone’s journey and rewarding people we think embody all that this challenge & more importantly what Merindah Botanicals represents.

At the end of the challenge, we will ask the group who they feel helped inspire/encourage them throughout the challenge and those votes will help in deciding our grand prize winners!