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What Is Eczema And How To Treat It Naturally

Eczema is a common, chronic skin condition that is caused by inflammation The most common type is Atopic Dermatitis (AD), and usually consists of an irritating itch with a rash. While scratching causes temporary relief, it also causes blistering and scarring, so sufferers are always looking at ways to cool and soothe the skin.

While there are a number of conventional treatments used to treat eczema, more and more people are looking to natural treatments to provide relief.

Sea Spray

The drying qualities of sea spray are well suited to eczema that produces discharge. Many people with this type of eczema often report feeling relief when they attend the beach or have been in the sea. The sea salt is largely responsible for this improvement, and sea sprays enriched with magnesium and vitamin D, can be beneficial.

Magnesium Baths or Supplements

While bathing in water can often cause problems for those with eczema, magnesium bathing has a number of healing properties to help the healing process. Adding magnesium flakes to bathwater can be beneficial, and many sufferers also take magnesium orally, reporting similar improvements to those who bathe in it.

Coconut Oil

Widely used by a number of celebrities for a whole host of reasons, from hair to teeth, it seems that coconut oil is one superfood that is right on trend. The cooling qualities of coconut oil make it a great treatment to soothe itching and pain.

Hypoallergenic coconut oil bars are a great alternative for those who are sensitive to coconut oil.



As with cod liver oil, probiotics can make a considerable difference to skin health. Probiotic-rich foods are often absent from everyday diets, and with gut health having such an impact on overall health, it is an area well worth looking in to.

Probiotic supplements can be taken easily each day in yogurt form.


Soothing in every sense, chamomile also performs when it comes to eczema. Many people use chamomile to take a tea bath, noticing a reduction in itching and inflammation. In addition, the anti-microbial effects keep any further bacteria and germs at bay.

Chamomile lotion also has key cooling and soothing properties widely used in the treatment of skin conditions that cause itching, notably chicken pox.

Fish Oil

Fish oils have some great benefits and should appear in most people’s everyday diets. N-6 and N-3 fatty acids have been proven to be particularly important to maintain normal skin function, and fish oils are rich in both. A daily dose is easy to take, and can have really great effects when reducing the severity of eczema.

Green Clay

Scratching causes damage to the skin, with sores and scabs adding further discomfort to the lives of eczema sufferers. A green clay, rich in iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium, provides an intensive mask that cools and soothes.

Adding witch hazel can add further relief, particular in cases of eczema where blisters are present.

Do you suffer from Eczema or other skin conditions? Tell us in the comments how you treat it.