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Simple Technique Can Improve Your Life

Impeccable self-care, anytime, anywhere

Do you feel like you’re running on empty half (or most of) the time? Are you counting the days until your next weekend away or holiday? Do you put yourself at the end of the line when it comes to nurturing?

Let me share with you a technique that’s simple to use, and offers to benefit you and those that you care for. We know about nourishment of the nutrition kind, and understand that it is fuel for the physical body. But what about fuel for the emotional and energy bodies?

Impeccable self-care demands that we place as much value on this as we do on our physical self; we just can’t pour from an empty jug. I offer you the opportunity to transform not only the value you place on yourself, but also the energy you have to live a serene life and the ability to respond with ease to life’s niggles.

I’ve mothered two daughters for 27 years, whilst running my own business. There was a time when I fell into bed exhausted and going through the motions of daily life was, frankly, a chore.

But, now I practice this energy balancing and visualisation technique daily. Every day is fuelled with a sense of anticipation and delight.

1. Find yourself a quiet place to be, switch your phone to silent, kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable sitting, standing or laying down. Close your eyes and take three breaths in and out and focus your mind on something from Mother nature such as a flower, waterfall or butterfly (just suggestions – pick your own!)

2. Place one hand over your thymus gland (just below of where your collarbones meet). Take three more breaths in and out, a little deeper than before and draw your attention to the area under your hand. The thymus is involved in immune system function and sits over the eighth chakra.

Think of it as your Self point. Choosing to respond to our environment, rather than react, indicates we honour ourselves; choosing self-acceptance rather than rejection states to the world “Here I am, I’m me, and happy about it!”

3. Now, visualise a column of soft pink light flowing into your body where your hand is. Breathe this primary fuel deep down into your physical body, imagine it reaching your toes, filling up your legs and torso then your arms to your fingertips. Finally see it bubble up through your neck to the top of your head.

This may take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes. Keep going until you feel like you’re overflowing with this potent pink light. Keep for your amazing self all the delicious fuel you have just breathed in, and give to others from the overflow. Practice this daily and it will get easier and easier.

Make it a habit, for a few minutes each day (in the shower, in bed, wherever you can tune in to yourself), honour yourself and choose to live your best life, and one which others naturally benefit from too.

About the author:

Kinesiologist based in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula. Warm hearted, gentle and wise, Rachel Gallon offers a safe environment for self-exploration and evolution. As a mother of two she loves to nurture and inspire through kinesiology & intuitive guidance