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The Top 3 Skin Benefits Of Saunas

Why a sauna is a blessing in disguise for your skin

Mention the word sauna, and you'll immediately get people chattering. With popularity growing as the demand for being pampered and needing a break from the 9-5 increases, saunas are the place to go when you need to relax.

Used in gyms, health spas and resorts globally, their advantages are wide-ranging...particularly when it comes to your skin.

Check out our top 3 favourite sauna benefits for skin and why this steamy treat is a blessing in disguise for your skin…

Collagen Reproduction

Your skin is primarily made of collagen, which is a protein. It gives our organs and bodily tissues elasticity and strength. 

Collagen and elastin help to plump and firm skin which can help alleviate stretch marks and cellulite.

Deep sweating helps to improve skin cell turnover and remove bacteria from your skin, which helps with acne and improves overall skin health.

This gets rid of dead cells quicker and encourages the growth of healthier and newer cells, leading to glowing and beautiful skin.

Boosted Circulation

Phew, it's hot in here! In the sauna, your sweat production and blood circulation increase dramatically. This means that your body is trying to maintain its temperature, and in doing so the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to your organs increases, especially to the skin.

While you’re sweating away, the boosted circulation is contributing towards a clearer complexion, and working towards removing dirt and oil.

Pore Rinsing

Our skin pores - particularly on our face - easily get clogged up with dry skin cells, oil and dirt and bacteria from the environment. Blocked pores can lead to spots and acne, but heavy perspiring and the steam in a sauna environment opens the skin pores and gets rid of any nasties.

This means that spots and any other skin issues relating to the pores will occur less frequently.

But saunas are not only good for your skin

As well as being a wonder for your precious skin, they offer other benefits for your overall health and wellbeing.

When you're in the warm, quiet space and your muscles are warming up, your circulation is improved as your muscles relax, which releases endorphins, the body's 'happy' hormones.

This can help with stress levels...a great bonus. Saunas are also great for flushing your body of nasty toxins gained through your environment and food, and soothing aches and pains in general.

Saunas are especially popular with athletes for this reason, who use them post-workout to release any negative toxins.

The next time you have an ache or two, it is worth seeking out your local sauna.

Our favourite skincare benefits of saunas?

Sauna can also have a positive effect on your sleep, which in turn helps your skin!

When your body temperature is raised in the balmy heat of the sauna, your body takes time to get its normal temperature back to normal over the next few hours.

This 'cooling off' period can send you off in to a dreamy, chilled out state, happily in to the land of nod.

Have you ever had a sauna? Share your experience and thoughts with us in the comments below!