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How to Create The Perfect Morning Routine

Wake up feeling refreshed and start your day right with this morning routine to help you get more out of your day.

As I write this, it’s a Tuesday morning, 6:21am and a frosty Melbourne morning at 2 degrees. But the time and temperature is not bothering me in the slightest, because I have just achieved an amazing goal this morning that I feel incredible!

I just finished off a 30 days of Yoga challenge. To anyone reading it may not seem like much, but when I break it down and reflect on it, I am thrilled at my achievement. For 30 days straight I woke up each morning, before 6am and did a 20-30 minute yoga session.

Anyone in the yoga world may know of Yoga with Adriene - that girl has some serious yoga talent. So, I was inspired to do her 30 day challenge. I’m not sure what inspired me, but I know the thrill of trying yoga again interested me, it had been years and then the idea of having a more solid morning routine appealed to me.

I am one of those early risers, who typically wakes up for a run or a cycle, but I wanted to shake my mornings up a bit and test my focus and ability. This challenge really went beyond the yoga. And my elation of having achieved this goal has really come down to my ability to simply show up everyday, every morning, whether I felt like it or not.

There were trials and tribulations that could have hindered my goal - my daughter waking most mornings before or during my yoga, a stuffy cold, minus temperatures in the mornings. There was even a foreign hangover in those 30 days.

Gee, a lot can happen in 30 days - but I stuck at it and when it got challenging I always came back to why this was important to me. It was the sheer challenge of trying something different, being a beginner again and most importantly starting my day the same way everyday.

The results have been profound. I truly believe having a solid morning routine is the gateway to a well rounded day. It sets you up for success and when you start your day doing something you enjoy it helps you remain focused, grounded and accomplished for the entire day.

Some of the things I have learnt this past 30 days when it comes to a robust morning routine are around being self-disciplined, exercising your ability to stay focused which will carry you through your day.

When you wake at the same time each morning, you feel like you have control over your time and suddenly feel like you have more time in your day.

It helps curb stress because you are focusing on doing things you enjoy and most of all I found having an intentional morning routine has allowed me to focus on my goals and priorities for the day. If this has inspired you to create your own morning routine you could possibly try some of these things as part of your morning:

  • an exercise workout
  • a walk, yoga, meditate
  • wake up 30 minutes earlier
  • write out your priority list for the day
  • sit down to have breakfast
  • enjoy a peaceful coffee

Your morning is your oyster. Embrace the best part of the day and embrace the type of morning routine you would love to have. And if at times, you hit snooze on your alarm, don’t give up - there is always tomorrow morning.

About the author:

Natalie Moore is a passionate Wellness Coach who helps women claim back time for them so they can feel calmer, healthier and happier.