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Top 3 Benefits of Keeping Skincare Simple

In a sea of social media, countless beauty brands, and unrealistic beauty standards, the concept of taking care of our skin has been lost.

Why has everything become so complicated? 

Years ago, I felt like I needed to add a lot of steps to my beauty routine because I had collected so many products over time.

Not only was this a waste of time and money, but it also made my skin worse.

No matter what I did or how many products I used in my routine, I was unable to improve my skin's appearance for long; the imperfections always returned.

We all know that taking care of your skin is important for both your general health and reducing the signs of ageing.

But with so many brand-new products and outrageous beauty fads appearing everywhere, it can be difficult to find a simple skincare routine and even more difficult to maintain it.

In my opinion, there are far too many trends, methods, and products on the market that promise to treat various skin issues to remove fine lines or blocked pores.

They all sounds super fancy and rope you into buying far more products than you actually need.

Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that having healthy, happy skin is the main thing to concentrate on.

There are many benefits to keep your skincare routine simple.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of keeping your skincare routine simple and find out what you should do to take care of your skin.

1. It saves you time

In a perfect world, we have plenty of time to care for our skin.

Every night before going to bed, we would indulge in our luxe bathroom while using the newest and best complexion-saving products - all kept in a beautifully organised vanity.

The following morning, we would go through the same ritual, applying lotion after lotion and drinking freshly brewed lattes.

Certainly sounds wonderful.

Slap in the face... Hello reality.

Every night, we're lucky if we remember to wash our faces and perhaps apply some serum before falling asleep.

And dealing with anything besides the bare necessities during our frantic mornings? Impossible!

But having a busy schedule doesn't mean your skin should suffer.

2. It saves you money

By focusing on keeping your skin care routine simple, you'll save money too. 

Rather than following a 10-step or even 12-step skincare routine, keep it simple with the ‘Go to Glow’ Set from Merindah Botanicals.

It's the perfect skincare set for busy women!

The 5-minute, 4-product, 3-step skincare routine will leave your skin feeling renewed, blemish-free, and smoother than ever! 

simple skincare routine

All it takes is 5 minutes, and you're out the door ready to tackle the day. And you can skip the makeup routine too because you'll want to show off your flawless 'I woke up like this' look. 

While 12-step skincare routines are popular, they might not be any more effective than three steps.

The less beauty products you have to use, the less you'll forget to use them.

Thus, keeping things straightforward usually helps people stick to a daily skincare routine.

3. You won't harm your skin

I believe that people tend to over-care for their skin and frequently end up damaging it as a result with all the extra steps and beauty products.

Don't over-wash your skin, don't overtone, and don't over-exfoliate is one of my mantras.

Applying numerous products increases the risk of skin irritability, and we don't even know if the active ingredients in each product are even compatible.

As a result of the combination, you could unintentionally render the products inactive.

And adopting a simplified skincare routine won't get in the way of what your skin is designed to do: offer a barrier between the outside world and the inside of your body.

Keep it simple, gorgeous!