From The Skincare Diaries: 1978 - Merindah Botanicals

From The Skincare Diaries: 1978

It was the year 1978. 

Mum was working as a sales rep for L’Oréal and Ellen Betrix when yours truly was conceived.

She even worked right up until the day before I was born (two weeks early) on a cold December day that same year. 

It gets cold in Germany.

Feels kind of like I was born to create a skincare range, doesn’t it?

I actually broke a - little - record when I was born.

And ended up in the newspaper as the 500th baby born in that hospital that year.

But it took an allergic reaction to steer me into the right direction.

And I’m so glad it did!

Not that I enjoyed looking like a pufferfish for days but that’s another story for another time.

What makes me truly happy is the feedback my happy customers send me.

This just came in from Lynda the other day.

I just love it!

“Holy Moses Mel,

I got my delivery today and used the uplifting cleanser & konjac sponge to wash my face. 

Could not wait to try your product. 

I then used your toner with a cotton pad. 

I absolutely can not believe how soft my skin feels. 

It’s never felt like this ever in its life after cleansing and toning it. 

I literally can not stop running my hands over my face.”

Do you want soft skin like Lynda? 

Click here to get it.

With love,

Mel x