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The Benefits of Kakadu Plum In Your Skincare

These Kakadu Plum skin benefits will make you want to use it in your skincare routine!

You will find Kakadu Plum in everything from masks to serums because this Australian botanical superfood will give you the most flawless complexion of your life!

Why Kakadu Plum skin benefits can't be overlooked

It's THE ingredient you need in your beauty life.

But first, what is Kakadu Plum?

Known by the names of murunga, billygoat plum, and gubinge, the Kakadu Plum is native to the top end of Northern Australia. The indigenous people have used it not only as a superfood but also for its healing and antiseptic properties.

The fruit is obtained at the start of the dry season each year in May. It is yellow in colour when it’s ripe and contains a large seed within its usually oval shape.

The Amazing Skin Benefits of Kakadu Plum

Protects & Fights

It is incredibly rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants detoxify the skin and fight the free radical damage and are crucial to your complexion. The free radical damage is due to the environmental pollution and exposure to sunlight.

The antioxidants found in Kakadu Plum are quite rare.

The plant grows in harsh conditions so the fruit naturally develops this unique antioxidant profile to protect itself from the elements, which is highly beneficial for your skin.

Helps with Skin Appearance

Kakadu Plum contains 3,000mg of vitamin C per 100g. This is 50% higher than oranges! Our skin needs Vitamin C to produce collagen, reduce wrinkles and lines, reduce scarring, and lighten the colour by preventing hyperpigmentation.

It can even prevent skin changes caused by photo-ageing.

It's the best vitamin for skin, if you ask me.

Ability to Soothe

Kakadu Plum has the ability to soothe skin irritation as Kakadu Plum Seed Oil is intensely soothing.

Restores Balance

Kakadu Plum features strong antifungal and antibacterial properties. These are due to the presence of phytochemicals known as gallic and ellagic acids.

The gallic acid is helpful for restoring the skins’ natural barrier and the ellagic acid promotes elasticity and suppleness.

The presence of the phytochemicals also makes Kakadu Plum an ideal solution for fighting acne breakouts while the oil of the fruit will help balance the complexion.

Brightens & Illuminates

It is naturally brightening and illuminating the skin for a more glowing complexion. It can lighten dark spots and pigmentation.

Great for Sensitive Skin

The properties in Kakadu Plum not only reduce swelling and help resolve redness, they also fight acne-causing bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

Being naturally anti-inflammatory and antibiotic it can ensure that you can confidently use even on the most sensitive of skin types.

Our Luxurious Face Cream is the ultimate complexion booster containing a unique blend of Australian botanicals, including Kakadu Plum Seed Oil.

Hydrating, smoothing and plumping, our award-winner is ideal for applying after cleansing and toning.

A wonderfully smooth, skin-perfecting formula that leaves your skin well nourished and feeling silky.

So what are you waiting for?

Start using Kakadu Plum today, and your skin will thank you tomorrow.