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How Coconut Oil Helps To Cleanse Your Skin

Use coconut oil to help keep your skin moisturised, smooth, and youthful

Coconut oil is full of good fats that provide us with energy. Coconut oil can help to fight microbes in the body. It’s also excellent for cooking – and it smells delicious too! But did you know that coconut oil for skin is also a great thing? That’s right! Coconut oil has some great benefits for the skin.

Using coconut oil on your skin as a cleanser is an all-natural method to eliminate many of the toxic ingredients that are found on supermarket shelves. But it’s also a cost effective way to care for your body. The idea of washing your face with oil of any type seems counter intuitive. However, this article will change your mind and have you reaching for the jar on your way to the bathroom each morning.

Why Does Coconut Oil Work?

The science behind soap that "cuts grease" as the commercials say is that the chemicals in it break down the lipid molecules in the skin. If you cleanse your face with coconut oil, which is a lipid itself, it dissolves the excess oil without introducing any chemicals.

Coconut oil can help to remove dirt, grime and makeup without stripping your skin of moisture. Many soaps strip your face of its natural moisture, which can lead to your skin producing even more oil.

Coconut oil works differently as it introduces healthy moisture to your skin while removing the old or dirty oil accumulated on your face. Therefore, your skin does not get a shock and it does not produce excess oil.

Additional Benefits of Cleansing Your Skin With Coconut Oil

Besides removing excess oil, impurities and dead skin cells trapped within it, coconut oil provides other good benefits that help you have a healthier body and clearer complexion.

1 – Fights Inflammation 

Coconut oil is naturally anti-inflammatory, which helps get rid of everything from under eye bags to acne. This combined with the moisturising qualities help your skin look smooth and fresh rather than tired and droopy.

2 – Naturally Antibacterial and Antifungal

These qualities can keep skin healthier by fighting infections and helping to prevent and heal unsightly breakouts. It has also been shown to help alleviate eczema.

3 – Full of Antioxidants

Most people know that antioxidants fight signs of ageing and improve health overall. Using coconut oil to wash your skin can actually help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and other age indicators.

4 – Helps to Soothe Sunburn

If you get sunburned, gently wash the area with coconut oil to soothe the damaged skin and to help repair it quickly.