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The Ins And Outs Of Normal Skin

Normal Skin, a diamond in the rough?

It can be a hot topic among industry professionals. Some argue its existence while other agree although rare, it is out there for those lucky few.

We hear time and time again about skin types such as dry, dehydrated and oily skin, but what about the ins and out of “normal skin”? And what is normal skin? How do we look after it?

Despite its description, should you find yourself hitting this skin type jackpot, it is just as important to care for as any other skin type.

What is normal skin?

The term widely used to explain a well balanced skin type. Overall the oil to water ratios don’t tend to swing one way or the other.

They are neither dry or dehydrated, oily or sensitive.

They will have a visual appearance that contains an even skin tone, fine pores, a smooth velvet texture, no breakouts and no sensitivity.

They can have a little excess sebum through their T-zone but nothing more then a subtle glow.

From reading its description you’re probably wondering a few things. If nothing is particularly wrong, how do are we choose products it in a world of concern specific description labels?

And to top it off, if its not broken don’t fix it right?

Although normal skin has a great starting point in life compared to other conditions, it doesn’t mean its immune to factors known as extrinsic and intrinsic ageing. Extrinsic ageing comes from external factors.

This largely comes from lifestyle choices. Extrinsic ageing is caused from UV exposure, stress, smoking, lack of sleep and pollution.

Often referred to as photo ageing it comes with uneven skin tone, a dulled complexion, deep lines and a dry or dehydrated skin.

Intrinsic ageing comes from your genetics, it is inevitable and it pre-determined. In saying this, it can also be influenced by your lifestyle choices, they way you care care for your skin and the environment.

Some characteristics are sagging skin, sensitive skin, thin skin, thinning hair and fine lines and wrinkles.

How to treat normal skin?

Normal skin is most likely to be influenced by extrinsic ageing factors due to their lucky genetic starting point, which is were skincare becomes a little easier to decipher for those “normal” folk.

It's all in the prevention is better then cure approach and it's all in the basics. A clean, hydrated and protected skin is a great first line of defence.

Clean Skin

Clean skin comes from a proper skincare routine morning and night to ensure all dirt and oil from your environment of pollution, make up and sunscreen is thoroughly removed to prevent clogged, unhappy skin.

Particularly important of an evening and especially if you wear makeup during the day.

No one likes to think of it but your pillow can be a fun fair of bacteria when not changed daily, adding the days dirt to it is like adding a new ride to the park.

Where to start?

Pick a gentle pH balanced cleanser that works to clean skin without stripping.

Hydrated Skin

A hydrated skin is imperative to prevent moisture loss induced ageing. As we age, the oil and water levels naturally drop in our skin leaving us exposed to possible dryness and dehydration.

Its up us to do the top up. Water intake, healthy fats are first and foremost. You can’t expect to slap on some cream and miracles happen, this is a joint effort!

Add a great moisturiser and this will all work in synergy to keep your skin hydrated, happy and glowing.

Protected Skin

Last but not least, protection. Due to high levels of UV and oxidative stress causing DNA damage in our day to day lives, SPF and a quality antioxidant serum will do wonders for the long term of your skin health.

Antioxidant serums such as vitamin C, E, Niacinamide and resveratrol (to name a few) all work to neutralise oxidative stress and prevent long term damage. As an added bonus these little powerhouse bottles of protection can also firm, brighten and prevent sensitivity.

Now top off this routine with a great SPF, there are literally almost too many choose from.

There’s no excuse not be including this oh so important step in your routine. Gone are the days of a sticky white cast face.

Most companies offer everything from smooth invisible shine free through to hydrating lightweight formulations, stick free! If “normal skin” sounds like it found a home on your face, then congratulations, you hit the genetic jackpot!

When trying to understand and treat this skin type always remember that prevention is better than cure and you will keep that luminous even complexion for many years to come!


About the Author:

Jessica De-Pear is a CIDESCO qualified aesthetician of fourteen years. Driven into the industry from years of a personal battle with cystic acne, she now provides in depth skin consultations delving into internal and external factors, helping to achieve skin health goals both in clinic and via web. Learn more at