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Is Your Skin Trying To Tell You Something?

Having great skin is a direct reflection of health and wellness.

By simply looking at the location of skin changes on your face, as well as the texture and condition, you can get an understanding of your overall health and wellness. What should you look for, and what can you do about it? Take a look below at four common areas on your face that can offer a little insight in to what is going on in your body.

Your Chin

Your chin is related to elimination in the body, particularly of the bowel area and lower digestive tract.

What should I look for?

It is very common to see stubborn blackheads on this part of the face, as well as congestion. If these are persistent and not necessarily in line with your menstrual cycle (for women), it can be representative of poor elimination in your body. Our skin is the biggest organ in our body where toxins escape from.

If your other organs relating to your bowel and lower digestive tract become troubled, your skin will take the brunt. This can be caused by diets that are high in sugar, caffeine or alcohol, not drinking enough water, and not eating enough fibre.

Your Jawline

This relates specifically to the areas below the corners of your mouth. This part of the face relates to our sex organs – testicles for men, and ovaries for women.

What should I look for?

This area of skin is a common place to experience breakouts and congestion. For many women, this is a regular occurrence in line with their menstrual cycle. However, some women may experience chronic breakouts or extreme hair growth, which can indicate a deeper imbalance and may relate to an issue that needs to be looked at involving the menstrual cycle and reproductive organics.

Above The Top Lip

This area is one that many women will relate to, and correlates with our reproductive system.

What should I look for?

Some women experience breakouts and blackheads in this area, or excessive hair growth or pigmentation. Many of these changes often occur due to oral contraceptives or other medications, or with health issues relating to the reproductive area as above.

The Forehead

It may be hidden under a rather stylish fringe or pulled away from your face with grips, but the forehead offers a lot of understanding about what is going on with your liver and digestion of the upper digestive tract.

What should I look for?

If you can see dryness or flaky skin, skin irritation or congestion, it might be a sign that your digestive system isn’t happy. It may be having trouble breaking down specific foods that you are eating, and/or may be a sign that you’re currently experiencing bloating, excessive gas or indigestion.

What can I do about my skin if I experience any issues?

To combat any skin issues on your face, it is incredibly important to follow a basic skincare routine that consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Investing in the health of your skin will not only protect and safeguard it against skin issues, but it will keep you feeling and looking your best all year long.

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