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Are Your Moisturising Labels Lying?

Have you ever thought that the labels on your moisturiser could be lying?

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you'll know the challenges that lie ahead when you go shopping for a new moisturiser...will it itch? Will it irritate my skin? How will my skin react if I buy the wrong one?!

These are all real issues to be concerned about; after all, you only want what is best for your skin, something that is going to be kind and gentle and not cause you frustration and skin woes.

It is typical to reach for products that are labelled as 'fragrance-free' or 'recommended by dermatologists' and 'clinically proven' when you're on the lookout for a moisturiser or facial cleanser for sensitive skin; the words alone suggest that they're going to be soothing and most importantly, suitable.

However, a recent study from JAMA Dermatology has found that these statements aren't always true. The researchers in the report looked at ingredients in one hundred bestselling moisturisers for the whole body that were available to buy at three leading stores - Amazon, Walmart and Target.

The products, attached to their suggestive labelling, were found to typically come with a higher price tag, however, they didn't necessarily exclude the chemicals that are recognised as possible allergens or skin irritants.

In the study, 45% of products classed as 'fragrance free' did in fact have a chemical included that was classed as a fragrance cross-reactor.

In addition, 83% of products that were marketed as hypoallergenic had a potentially allergenic chemical lurking within their ingredients.

What does this mean for you?

Essentially, it can be tricky to find a moisturiser that is beneficial to your skin and safe to use from the products marketing tagline alone. Especially those products available on supermarket shelves. But unfortunately, advertising claims are telling little lies, and the ingredients can cause problems for your skin.

What can you do from here?

Toxin-free and completely pure, natural skincare products is the safest and best option for your skin. Natural ingredients that have been fully and safely grown by Mother Nature are rich in essential nutrients, keep out any nasties, and do just what a moisturiser is supposed to do... without the risk.

They are much better for your skin and your health in the long term. Ingredients that are natural also help to heal your skin on the outside and inside; the ingredients are absorbed into the skin and can help repair damage, improve blood flow and oxygen levels, and increase collagen production.

Comparing the benefits of going 'au natural' to the risks and dangers of buying potentially harmful and misleading skincare products, it is clear what is best. Will you make the right decision for your skin?

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