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How To Use Facial Oils

Facial oils may be the key to getting healthy, radiant skin - regardless of your skin type.

One of the oldest and most inventive skincare products are facial oils, and their popularity has recently increased!

And if you're new to using facial oils, it can be confusing: how much do you use? When do you apply it? And do you need a moisturiser too?

In this article, we'll take a look at what facial oils actually do, and how to use a facial oil.

The first myth we need to bust is that facial oils should only be used by those of us with dry skin. That's incorrect  because they function well with the flora on your skin. Facial oils are very mild on your skin and can even help your microbiome to flourish. 

They perform particularly well on dry skin types, normal skin types, and even sensitive skin types because they are excellent at feeding our skin.

In addition, contrary to popular belief, face oils are ideal for both oily and combination skin types since they balance oil production.

What is a Face Oil?

A face oil is an oil-based formulation that works alongside your skin type to provide the greatest results for you.

Different oils and lipids that our skin naturally produces are employed to keep our skin moisturised by retaining water loss. Therefore, by applying face oils, we are balancing our skin by enhancing and collaborating with our natural oils.

What is the Difference Between Facial Oils and Moisturisers?

It is still necessary to apply a moisturiser or vice versa in addition to a face oil, as you may be questioning. Both of these are excellent skincare steps that will make sure your skin is well moisturised and nourished.

In contrast to water-based moisturisers, which hydrate skin, facial oils trap in moisture, giving your skin an additional boost that a moisturiser might not be able to provide. This is because oils can reach deeper layers of your skin than some moisturisers.

Face oils are prepared exclusively from oils, whereas moisturisers are typically composed using oils, water, and additional substances to aid in correct mixing. 

Oil-based cosmetics work very well with your skin because the layers of your skin are also oil-based.

amazing uses of rosehip oil

This means that oils may more thoroughly nourish these layers, which is crucial since they restore your skin's protective barrier layer and maintain it strong so that it can continue to shield your skin from environmental aggressors like dryness and UV rays.

However, water-based cosmetics like moisturisers are also crucial for healthy skin. They do contain oils to support the skin's barrier function, but their primary goal is to hydrate the skin using active ingredients that are soluble in water. 

Pure rosehip oil can be used as facial oil as it has amazing skin benefits.

How To Incorporate A Facial Oil Into Your Skincare Routine?

Here is a straightforward how-to guide that will show how to use face oil in your skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin. This will ensure that you've cleaned your skin of any dirt, oil and grime. Not sure which cleanser to use? Our nourishing Uplifting Cleanser is a very gentle and effective cleanser.

Try a double cleanse in your night-time skincare routine to ensure all makeup and pollutants that have accumulated over the day as well as all contaminants and microorganisms are entirely removed from your skin. 

Use Merindah Botanicals Eco Makeup Cloth for your perfect double cleanse!

Step 2: Tone before hydrating your skin. This helps to refresh your skin and get rid of any leftover cleansing residue. Try applying our all-natural Calming Toner to your face and neck with a washable cotton pad.

Step 3: Time to use a facial oil. Apply 4-5 drops of our certified organic Nurturing Rosehip Oil to the palms of your hands or fingertips, then gently massage into your face and neck.

Step 4: Apply a small amount of hydrating moisturiser like Merindah Botanicals multi-award winning Luxurious Face Cream to your face and neck to complete your daily skincare routine.

certified organic rosehip oil

Face oils are magical! They have potent healing nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will make your skin look and feel its best.

Apart from using an appropriate facial oil, also make sure to include other skincare treatments like facial masks and topical treatments to keep your skin well-nourished and hydrated.

Have you used facial oils before? Tell us in the comments below!