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How To Look A Million Bucks Without Breaking The Bank?

Did you know its possible to look good without breaking the bank and without spending all day at it!?

Busy women everywhere, you can put on a flawless face and still be out the door in under ten minutes! Better still, if you use non-toxic mineral makeup, it’s not going to clog your skin or leave you exposed to a long list of nasty additives.

This means you can incorporate a natural looking makeup into your daily beauty routine – getting faster at it with each day. Before anything though, your skin care routine is an essential part of the makeup process so choosing products that compliment your skin and provide adequate moisture go a long way in ensuring the best applications of your products.

The first product that women worlds around need is a good quality concealer. From dark circles, pigmentation, acne or broken capillaries, concealer is your best friend.

I always advocate that less is best especially when it comes to the eye area.

Too much can lead to creasing and essentially will make you look older and more dry. Its always best to use a brush in a patting motion which will blend and deliver the concealing effect to the right location every time.

Next step is foundation and frankly we hear many stories of people who swap to mineral makeup, only to find it doesn’t work for them. Some people struggle with the mineral powders, and so end up back using traditional (and often toxic) makeup to get better coverage, or a softer look.

Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! A good quality mineral foundation will not contain any fillers and should not appear dry, however you do need to give it time to “warm up” for a few mins and settle onto the skin.

The beauty of mineral powders is that they are flexible in the way in which you can use them. If you only want a light coverage perfect just use sparingly, want more? Keep layering till you get the coverage you are after.

Not only this but Mineral powders contain zinc oxides which are natural sunscreens AND happen to also be water resistant! Yep that’s right Mineral makeup is great for when you get hot and sweaty as you will “sweat through” the product not sweat it off.

Another major bonus to Mineral powders is they can actually be used as a liquid just by mixing a little of your daily moisturiser and bam!

You have yourself a BB style product without spending another cent. One product I NEVER leave the house without is Blush.

I know sometimes this brings up visions of Aunty Julie with bright red blush on but the reality these days is far from that horror story! Blush really is a versatile product, not only can it give you a healthy glow and give you a brighter appearance but a good quality mineral blush can be used all over your face.

Mix a little with clear gloss and you have yourself a matching lip shade, use a little brushed over the eye lids for a softer eye shadow you can even get creative and mix with some clear nail polish to complete the look.

Mascara of course is an eye opener and we all want to look brighter and more awake so never skip this step. However mascara can have a dark side!

Did you know that once you open a mascara you really only have between 4-6 months to use it. Many people keep theirs much longer and the damage this can cause your eye isn’t worth the cost of a new one.

While I only advocate the use of natural mascaras for those with sensitive eyes this is a must. Chemical based mascaras can cause eyelid burns and rashes.

When using mascara its best to get the brush as close to the lash as possible the “jiggle” from side to side before sweeping outwards this ensures you cover everything from the base to the tips not just the ends which can weigh down the lash and close the eye – basically the opposite of what your trying to achieve.

Now you know my go to essentials, what’s something you can't live without?

About the author:

Crystal Dawson a busy mum, natural beauty educator & owner of Glam Affair Mineral Makeup. Based on the sunny Gold Coast, this sun-loving babe loves nothing more than improving a woman’s confidence through makeup.

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