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How To Get Supermodel-Smooth Skin Easily

Summer Skin: Body Edition

Ever wonder how actresses and models always have beautifully smooth skin?

The sun, cold weather, dry air and environmental factors all can take a toll on your skins' texture, leaving it rough and dry.

Making a few changes to your daily routine and lifestyle can soften and tone your skin.

Here are a few tips to help you get smooth skin of your own—no matter what your complexion!

1. Keep up with your hydration

Save your skin from dehydration and dryness, no matter what time of year.

Skin that lacks hydration and moisture can be dry, tight, itchy, and flaky. It can also look and feel rough and look dull. Dry skin loses its soft, pliable characteristics and may crack, which could lead to the increased risk of infections. 

Dehydrated skin can also have an increased risk of developing visible wrinkles.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, homemade vitamin waters or herbal teas during the day. Your skin – and body – will love you for it.

2. Don't forget to exercise

Anyone who makes a habit of going to the gym, unfurling a yoga mat or going hiking is privy to a secret that only the physically active know about. 

Working up a good sweat is the equivalent of getting a mini-facial. When the pores open, sweat expels trapped dirt and oil.

Yoga For Younger Skin

There are many benefits when you do Yoga. It truly relaxes your body, mind and soul.

Yoga also tones your body and yes, yoga can also naturally produce glowing skin making one look younger, healthier and more beautiful.

Yoga improves your blood circulation and gets rid of toxins which will rejuvenate your skin.

Breathing Exercises

They are great for distressing and they also rejuvenate your mind and improve circulation.

Try controlling your breathing. Count your breath and maintain a straight pose.

You can do these exercises for five minutes then gradually move to fifteen minutes a few times every week.

3. Exfoliate away dead skin cells

Daily cleansing and moisturising is necessary to maintain great skin, the not-so-hidden beauty secret to glowing skin is through exfoliation. Exfoliation can help with skin rejuvenation, elasticity and collagen production and removes dead skin cells from the surface.

When layers of dead skin cells build up, it’s difficult for your new skin to properly absorb the nourishing moisturisers and serums you apply every day. Regular exfoliation will ensure you are reaping the benefits of your regular skin and sun care routine.

It will help tired, scarred or old skin look and feel fresh and soft. You can exfoliate your face and body, and you can either do professional treatments or simply exfoliate at home in your own bathroom using a hydrating body scrub.

4. Eat yourself beautiful

Having a balanced diet is the biggest contributor to your skins' appearance. Try avoiding processed foods and eating more fresh foods.

Foods contain different minerals and vitamins that can keep you at optimal health.

Two main contributors to glowing and vibrant skin are Antioxidants & Omega 3’s.

Try including more antioxidants and omega 3's into your diet to help with skin issues.

Antioxidants help to build the skins' resistance and detoxify the body from free radicals plus assist in cell rejuvenation and skin repair. They also help to reduce the signs of ageing, improve overall health and give you a healthier, more youthful glow.

For those with skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and even acne, research shows that omega 3 rich foods have helped regulate oil production and reduce inflammation.

5. Dry Brushing for ultra-smooth skin

Your skin can get quite flaky, which isn’t ideal, especially when you want to look your best.

You can remove the dead skin cells and improve your circulation by using a body brush or exfoliating mitt before you get in the shower, leaving you with smoother, healthier skin. 

It also helps even skin tone and prevents dullness, giving your skin a gorgeous, soft glow!

But, the benefits of dry brushing don’t just stop there. Dry brushing can also help to banish cellulite naturally!

Cellulite is caused when the fat cells push up against our skin, and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to our muscle pulls down. This ‘push and pull’ causes the uneven appearance of cellulite. 

How to Dry Brush?

Dry brush your body from the bottom to the top. Start from your feet and apply fast and short, upward strokes as you move the brush or mitt over your feet and legs. Continue to brush upwards as you get to your butt, waist, stomach and chest areas, stroking toward your heart. Then brush your hands and arms and finish your neck using downward strokes.

Avoid brushing your face and be extra gentle around your décolletage!

Do this every day for a couple of minutes before having a shower and you'll see results in next to no-time.

Did you know that knowing your skin type is crucial in determining which products would be the most beneficial?

Using the wrong products can actually make your skin worse than improving your skin in the first place.

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