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Berry Healthy Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the skin benefits of berries

Berries are one of the most popular food choices for many people around the world, not only because they are delicious, but as more and more people discover, also have huge health benefits.

Whether your berry of choice is the blueberry, goji berry, cranberry or any of the other members of this fruit group, you can enjoy the numerous advantages that go with making berries a regular part of your diet and ultimately improve not only your health but also your skin.

Here are some ways how berries can influence our overall health and skin:

Improved Mental Health

Studies have shown that women who eat one serving of blueberries a week improve their memory, suffer less from mental decline problems such as dementia and retain their learning capacities for up to two and a half years longer than their peers who do not consume these nutrient-dense fruits.

The health benefits are largely attributed to compounds known as anthocyanidins and other flavonoids that act on the memory centers in the brain.

Diabetes Control

All types of berries have a low glycemic index which means that they do not cause spikes in sugar levels which are known to result in diabetes and other insulin related disorders. In addition, berries contain natural sugars which do not require insulin to be metabolized, which means that they do not wreck havoc on your health and skin like refined sugars.

Weight Control

Berries are packed full of fiber and consuming them often leaves you feeling more satiated than eating low fiber options such as foods made with processed flours and sugars. As a result, you feel fuller for longer and are less tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks that can lead to weight gain or compromise your diet if you are trying to shed a few pounds.

Cancer Prevention

Blueberries, raspberries and others are rich in flavonoids have been shown to reduce the risk of getting colon and many other cancers. Flavonoids are present in many rainbow colored foods including berries and consuming a mix of different types of berries will help to optimise their cancer fighting properties.

Improved Heart Health

Berries are high in antioxidants and polyphenols which help to fight and prevent many diseases including cardiovascular problems. In addition, berries contain different compounds such as folate and rutin which widen the arteries, strengthen blood capillaries, improve circulation and prevent the buildup of dangerous plaque.

Berries are super fruits and offer numerous health benefits to people who incorporate them into their daily diet. You only need to consume a few servings of these nutritional powerhouses a day in order to begin reaping benefits.

Berries are an affordable and delicious option for people who are looking to prevent disease and manage health conditions and maintain beautiful skin.

What are your favourite berries? Share your favourite berry recipe with us in the comment section.