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Fighting A Cold Naturally

Fighting a cold naturally can help you to feel better sooner

The cold and flu are the leading causes of doctor’s visits as well as missed days from school and work. This cold and flu season, many will suffer from colds and other winter related illnesses. Many resort to flu shots and prescription medications and many more believe a bout of antibiotics is the all-time cure. However, our bodies appreciate a more natural approach to fight it.

Here are some very effective natural remedies to fight the cold and flu this season:

Chicken Broth

You can eat light when you are suffering from cold and enjoy a chicken broth which can be either served with lots of vegetables or in a mug sipped on during the day. To make a healthy chicken broth, use carrots, celery, onions and garlic.

If you like a bit of spice to it, some fresh chillies or even chilli powder will do nicely. The lighter you eat, the quicker you feel better.

Get Probiotics Into Your System

Probiotic and cultured foods like yogurt, kefir and miso will give you a healthy dose of nutrients to balance the good and healthy bacteria in your gut. Keeping your digestive system healthy when fighting a cold is half the battle.

Keep Your Water Levels Up

The more you drink, the quicker bacteria and toxins in your body can be flushed out. Not drinking enough fluids when being sick can almost double your recovery time. It can be a challenge to drink lots of water when you are feeling crappy but there are plenty of other drinks you can enjoy like herbal teas or lemon water to help you get better sooner.

Make Some Vegetable Juice

Fasting while having flu or cold helps in speeding up the process of healing. However, it is still essential for you to obtain the ultimate nutrition that your body needs to effectively get rid of the viruses and bacteria attacking your system.

Juicing vegetables is one of the highly suggested natural remedies to fight a cold and is an excellent way of treating yourself with nutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Avoid Sugar And Processed Foods

Stick to fresh ingredients and homemade food including smoothies, vegetable and fruit juices if you want to combat your cold. Processed foods and sugar can weaken your immune system so avoid them at all cost.

These are just few of the many natural remedies to fight the flu or cold this season.

Ensure you rest and relax a lot and try to get some good quality sleep so you recover quickly and feel better sooner.

What's your home remedy go back to when you are sick? Share it in the comments below.