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Exercise For Glowing Skin

Discover how physical activity affects skin cells, reduces stress, and enhances sleep – all of which can help you look younger.

Whether it’s the start of the New Year or any other time of the year, you’ll always see inspirational quotes on social media like ‘new year, new you’ and ‘make this your year!’

But you’re still contemplating getting out of the holiday slump and kick starting your plans to be active.

Beyond getting a skinny bum, your skin is the first bodily change you’ll notice during physical activity - and here’s why:

As we know, having healthy eating habits are a given for anyone wanting to start their plans to be active, but did you know, what you eat directly effects how your skin looks? It’s true!

Upon eating a fruit salad, bowl of vegetables or a salmon steak, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in those foods are transported to our vital organs when then begin to enter into the blood stream.

So, why exercise for healthy skin?

Exercise assists blood to circulate around the body, more than it would if we sat on the couch.

This circulation happens underneath the skin and once transported effectively, leaves you with a pink hue or a rosy cheeks post workout! You could say by exercising you’re literally feeding the skin!

Oxygen is another vital component that is transported to the skin during physical activity.

As the majority of Australian’s spend most of our days inside with artificial air-conditioning/heating or sitting in traffic on the way home from work, we are actually starving our skin of real, organic oxygen.

By transporting oxygen around the skin through the blood stream, our skin is better able to rejuvenate, heal and repair itself during trauma, and also leaves you with a healthy ‘glow’ on any given day.

The action of pumping arms and lifting knees when walking also assists the lymphatic system, also known as your internal detoxification system, which aims to relieve you of toxic waste the body is trying to excrete.

Naturally, the lymphatic system does not have its own pumping mechanism, therefore the waste becomes stagnant and is unable to be removed from the body - other than natural perspiration and urination.

Exercising acts as the pumping system for the lymphatic system and assists with keeping your body healthy from the skin inside out.

The best thing about exercising for great skin health, is that you don’t need to run marathons or join an F45 class, you simply have to be active for just thirty minutes a day.

This could include a brisk walk, a jog around the park, a heavy duty house clean or just riding your bike around the block a few times of an evening.

Did you know yoga can help you achieve smooth, glowing skin?

Practicing yoga will help increase blood circulation to the head and face area, which can also aid in achieving a naturally beautiful skin tone.

Certain yoga poses stimulate the nervous system, bring more oxygen and blood flow to the brain, up our energy levels and boost our metabolic rate, all of which can help with beautiful skin.

So start your year right, for you, for your health and for your skin!

And if you want to take your skincare to another level, try these facial exercises.

About the author:

Tamara Shaw is the founder of Beaute Industrie and an industry professional who travelled around the world on board of cruise ships providing beauty treatments. In 2018, she launched Beaute Industrie, an online support community for the professional beauty industry.

She also hosts a weekly podcast where she shares knowledge and insights with some of the most influential people in the industry. For more information, visit www.beauteindustrie.com