Embalm Skincare is now Merindah Botanicals - Merindah Botanicals

Embalm Skincare is now Merindah Botanicals

On the back of a number of industry accolades, fresh product developments and unprecedented growth, award-winning Australian skincare company Embalm Skincare has officially re-launched as Merindah Botanicals.

Based in Launceston, Tasmania, Merindah Botanicals produces hypoallergenic skincare products that restore a clear and glowing complexion for busy women with sensitive skin.

The company has often been recognised for products including the Pampering Body Lotion, Luxurious Face Cream and the Invigorating Body Scrub.

According to Merindah Botanicals Director (Embalm Skincare founder) Mel Driver, much like its predecessor, Merindah Botanicals will to continue to help cultivate beautiful skin, and preserve it in its best possible condition all while using ethically sourced ingredients.

“Although the outside might be changing, nothing about the products will be,” she explained.

“Our formulations will be the same that have won us 27 awards since 2013.”

Ms Driver said the re-brand to Merindah Botanicals better encompassed the company’s purpose, vision and mission.

“To put it simply, as a business we’re growing, evolving and blossoming, so we wanted our branding reflect that.

“The word Merindah means ‘beautiful’ in the language of our indigenous people, and botanicals are key ingredients used in our products to restore a healthy, natural glow to the skin.

“Merindah Botanicals reiterates both our commitment to the history and traditions of Australia and the natural wild beauty of the outback that we all love, along with the 100% natural ingredients that you will find in every one of our products,” Ms Driver added.

Along with its fresh new face, Merindah Botanicals has also introduced a True Beauty Club community, where like-minded members do not only receive exclusive offers, access to discounts and VIP masterclasses, but are encouraged to be bold, be beautiful and “most importantly just be themselves”, according to Ms Driver.

“Merindah Botanicals' mission is built on the belief that every woman deserves to look good and feel beautiful.

“We empower women to feel beautiful and encourage them to believe in themselves. To believe that they can do anything, to dream big and reach for the stars.”

She said the True Beauty community was about helping women go on a journey from self-conscious to self-confident.

“At Merindah Botanicals we believe anything is possible. What drives us is our passion for transforming the beauty industry into one that empowers all women to discover their true beauty.

“It’s time to Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Beautiful.”

Ms Driver encourages all women to join the True Beauty revolution with the hashtag #IAMATRUEBEAUTY and to check out the company’s new website at merindahbotanicals.com.au