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How To Calm And Repair Breakout Prone Skin

Struggling with breakout prone skin? We have all the do's and don'ts for treating acne-prone skin to prevent acne and keep your skin clear.

85% of those between 12 and 24 have experienced acne at some point of their lives. Acne can affect more than just the skin, it can impact a persons life in real and challenging ways.

Family and friends may not fully understand how it can damage self esteem and sap confidence, with serious and chronic cases leading to depression.

The formation of an acne lesion occurs when the skin is oily and begins to shed excessively, clogging the pores and supplying a food source for Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes).

This creates inflammation and an immune response. Comedonal acne, and inflammatory and cystic acne are the main categories used to define this condition and a professional, cosmeceutical grade topical treatment for these types of acne is imperative.

In addition, lifestyle plays an important role in how you can rebalance and correct the skin.

Keep it cool

No hot yoga when dealing with acne. Yoga is great for keeping the mind and body de-stressed, which in turn controls hormonal activity.

Hot yoga involves excessive heat and sweating, which can cause more breakouts and irritate an already unbalanced skin.

Take probiotics

Probiotics help to restore the healthy bacteria that antibiotics can wipe out.

Consulting a nutritionist will help determine the best formula of probiotic for your exact needs.

Healthy diet

Encourage eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and plenty of whole foods. Holistic eating of reishi mushrooms, red clover, peppermint and green tea control the presence of androgens and reduce the severity of acne.

Watch the sugars

Simple sugars in particular are highly inflammatory.

Lollies, ice cream, soft drinks, alcohol and white foods are the main culprits. Dairy foods can also exacerbate acne as well as iodises in supplements.

Try to limit those if you have breakout prone skin.

Clean your beauty tools

It’s important to sterilise your razors after every use, and clean make up brushes every week to stop breeding and spreading bacteria.

Establish good skin care habits

Make sure you are removing ALL traces of make up at the end of the day with a professional grade cleanser. Above all, don’t pick!

For painful breakouts when you cant access professional treatment, ice for 15 minutes 2-3 times a day and use an LED blue light to help reduce severity and scarring.

Clean surfaces that touch your face

Changing pillow cases at least twice per week helps minimise the effects of indoor pollution. Wipe smartphones, glasses and steering wheels with an antiseptic wipe to cut down on bacteria exposure.

Keep up your hydration

Hydrate inside and out. Plenty of water keeps the system flushed and healthy. Also, a light topical serum like Merindah Botanicals' Nurturing Rosehip Oil or hydrating moisturiser will rebalance the skin.

Nurturing Rosehip Oil Merindah Botanicals

About the Author:

Erin Duffy was trained at the International Dermal Institute and has been part of the professional skin care industry for 21 years. In 2017 she opened SKIN & BODY a wellness studio focused on holistic skin advice and results.