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Are You Skipping This Vital Body Part?

While many of us are well accustomed to a daily facial skincare routine - with particular attention being paid to cleansing and moisturising the face, less of us are taking care of the rest of our bodies.

Are you skipping this vital body part in your skincare routine?

Paying attention to our neck and décolletage can prove extremely beneficial. The skin in this area is often thin and sensitive, and is regularly exposed to the elements and harmful UV rays, especially when wearing summer dresses and tops with low neck lines.

This sun damage not only accelerates premature ageing, but can also be harmful to our health, adding to the risk of skin cancers.

Before leaving the house, don’t forget to generously apply sunscreen to the neck and chest, protecting against those harmful rays.

The neck and décolletage area has very few muscles so it quickly “droops” as we age. Working the few muscles we have in this area may sound strange, but it’s surely worth a try.

Holding a “grimace” for a few moments each day could be enough to tense and relax these muscles.

A dry neck and décolletage is a common problem, but is one that can be addressed easily, by adapting our daily beauty regime. By simply adding an extra 30 seconds to your beauty regime, you could enjoy impressive results.

A great tip to improve the way we take care of this area is to “double up”.

Using body products up to the neck area, and face products down to the bust area, can ensure that the neck and décolletage is extra protected.

The décolletage area has less oil glands, so needs to remain well moisturised.

Due to the skin in this area being particularly thin, a light moisturiser is perfect for keeping the skin well nourished. This can be applied daily too.

Removing dead skin cells is also important, in a similar way to the procedure used on the face. Stimulating and exfoliating the skin in this area can take place every 2-3 days, and a simple buffing of the skin can produce radiant effects.

When using a face mask, don’t forget to apply it to the neck and décolletage too! It’s important to remove impurities from the skin, in order to promote healthy cell renewal.

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When it comes to makeup, applying to the neck and décolletage area is important, to ensure a flawless look.

Don’t forget to cleanse and tone the area to remove makeup before moisturising as you would your face.

In addition, take care not to spray perfume directly on to the neck area. Instead, spray into the air and walk through the cloud.

For just a few additional minutes per week, taking care of your neck and décolletage can benefit the skin in this area greatly, and results will usually be visible fairly quickly.

Whether for health reasons, to slow down anti-ageing or to simply look good when wearing those sinking neck lines, don’t forget your neck!

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