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Skin Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal - the wonder ingredient for your skin

Think of charcoal, and you'll probably conjure up images of the dusty black powder you see after a bonfire on the beach, or a warm cosy fire during the harsh weather of winter. You have probably never even given it a second thought before. Until now. Activated Charcoal might sound like a peculiar ingredient to rub on your precious and well nurtured skin, but trust us, it's a superstar ingredient!

How does activated charcoal work?

Essentially, charcoal can get rid of unwanted toxins in your skin, making it a bit of a champ when it comes to detoxification and cleansing of your skin. It is known to absorb 100 to 200 times its own weight in impurities - incredible, right?!

It works like a magnet to capture and trap toxins, impurities, oils and pollutants from the surface of the skin by adhering them to itself – it’s a bit of a miracle worker really! The charcoal finds the toxin, attaches on to it, and it is then removed alongside the water when you cleanse your face, washing all the dirt down the drain.

What can it do for my skin?

The charcoal draws oil, dirt and other substances that can be harmful, clears up clogged pores and treats your skin with complexion-boosting minerals. This makes it ideal for many skin conditions such as blackheads, congested skin, sensitivity, and breakouts. Impurities are removed, inflammation is reduced, and your pores are kept clean. It’s essentially a super deep clean for your skin!

Activated charcoal will also improve your skins' brightness and radiance as it has brightening qualities that make it a really great ‘pick me up’ when your skin is tired or lacking radiance. Charcoal doesn’t get absorbed in to your skin, so it won’t cause clogged pores that some other cleansers on the market can create.

It offers such a deep pore cleanse, that you won’t need to use any other cleansers; ours will be the only one that you need!

Want a flawless complexion?

Check out our detoxifying cleanser containing complexion boosting minerals for clear, refined skin and the Activated Charcoal does all the dirty work.

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