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Stockist Spotlight: Above And Begone Beauty

We recently chatted with Michelle, the beautiful owner of Above & Begone Beauty, a gorgeous beauty salon right in the heart of Hobart.

Tell us about Above & Begone Beauty. What was your inspiration for starting the salon?

Above & Begone Beauty was created with the idea of performing basic beauty therapy treatments using Tasmanian and Australian made products.

The industry has grown fast over the last decade and continues to grow, with new technology for skin and hair becoming more advanced. Advanced treatments I believe do have a place in the industry as beauty and science come together but are not designed or affordable to suit everybody’s wants and needs. And that is where I come in.

Skin care can be confusing for the consumer as there is plenty to choose from in today’s market. I want to use a skincare range is natural, cruelty-free, elegant and great to treat all skin types, sensitive skin being the number one factor.

What were you doing before you started Above & Begone Beauty and how did your journey lead to the salon?

Before opening Above & Begone Beauty I was working in a leading Hobart salon for the past 6 years, performing a wide range of beauty therapy treatments, IPL, Ultrasound fat cavitation, advanced facials and waxing just to name a few.

This is where my career in beauty therapy blossomed & grew. I had finally found my passion that I absolutely enjoy every single day.

What inspires you? I am inspired by the everyday person. People that are making a difference in their community and also strong and independent characters who have created a better life for themselves, through hard work and life’s challenges. I inspire daily to become the best version of myself for not only me but my family, my son, father, mother, sisters, nephews & nieces.

What do you love most about running Above & Begone Beauty?

I love that I get to communicate directly with my clients through each stage of a treatment. I believe this allows me to be more one on one with clientele as I then am able to personalise their treatment to meet their individual needs.

I also enjoy the flexibility. I am working more now than ever before but can choose where my time, energy and hard work goes.

What’s something that our readers might be surprised to learn about you/your salon?

What might surprise some people is that I have a learning disability, dyslexia. Which did affect most of my earlier years! I did not enjoy school; I struggled and rebelled. I only just passed high school and chose not to go further with any studies. My first job was at 16 at a car wash, washing & detailing cars.

From there I worked in a few jobs from retail, sales, reception and bar work jumping jobs every few years. Going back to school at the age of 29 to complete my diploma in Beauty Therapy was a huge accomplishment for me. It was a decision I made purely by myself and for myself as I wanted to focus on my career and to this day I am very grateful of that turning point in my life.

What’s your favourite Merindah Botanicals product?

If I had to choose only one product from the Merindah Botanicals range, my favourite product would have to be the Uplifting Cleanser. I believe skin cleansers are a vital step. They ensure I have clean not stripped great functioning skin as I wear makeup daily and do suffer from adult hormonal acne (currently under control with the help of Merindah).

I look to incorporate into my skincare range a product that gently cares for the skins’ acid mantle and does not disrupt the natural function of the skin.

What did you like about Merindah Botanicals that made you want to - not only stock us - but also use our products for the treatments?

With Above & Begone Beauty I needed a skincare range that I could use while performing relaxing spa facial treatments on clients. I was looking for a Tasmanian, natural skincare range when Merindah Botanicals caught my attention. I love the benefits of green tea extract, which they use in their range. Green tea is an amazing antioxidant for the skin! Their website and social media pages drew my further in. I firstly ordered and tried the Embalm Trial Pack and instantly fell in love.

How do you wind down after a long day at work?

After a long day once my son is in bed, I like the surrounding of my house to be slightly organised & put back into order, only then can I relax. My wind down begins firstly with my skin care routine cleansing, toning, serum then moisturising, then slipping into comfortable clothes either trackies or PJ’s.

I dim the lights in my living area, put on my salt lamp, burn an incense stick with either music, a book or television (I am not into reality tv so if anything of the sorts is on the TV is off) or complete silence whichever suits my mood.

If you are in Hobart and would like to get a facial using our products, visit Michelle at Above & Begone Beauty.