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Feature: 5 Minutes with Facial Specialist Natalie Sellars

When you meet Kindred Toxin Free founder, Natalie Sellars, it is easy to understand why her authenticity and passion has helped her build a loyal following of clients and skincare devotees.

For 16 years she has honed her craft as a skincare doyenne, having worked and managed leading spas in Australia and New Zealand. For the last three years, Natalie has honored her dedication to and belief in living toxin-free, working to create a salon experience that promotes kind beauty. She now uses only the very best organic & toxin free skin care in each salon ritual.

Her “no BS” approach makes her a trusted practitioner genuinely interested in the wellbeing of her clients. Natalie has also recently been announced as an ambassador for Joining Hands, a social enterprise that provides access to health and wellbeing services for homeless and vulnerable young people.

KIND Beauty is the Ethos at KINDRED TOXIN FREE face and body.

Have you always embraced a toxin-free lifestyle or was there something that kick-started you on your journey?

I had 12 years in traditional beauty therapy, the last 4 or so of that was really conflicting. but after a few health problems I had started learning more about my own health, and thing that may effect it.

This learning had me using organic skin care and products at home, yet my career had me using and selling non organic products. My passion in traditional beauty was dying, I knew I love the industry, but I need to change the rules.

Going out on my own and doing everything MY WAY was the best decision I ever made.

What do you find most rewarding about your job and why?

There are a few

1. Empowering people to make informed choices. I love when people 'get it' that natural ingredient synergise with the skin, and they can see the results after just one facial (I often get next day’s texts, emails and 5 star reviews and I was voted best facial in Brisbane)

2. working with other incredible, like minded small business brands. We are all learning and paving this new way of doing this together.

3 being able to give back. I do give financially but the most rewarding is the hands on TIME I give. I attend retreats for joining hands ( supporting Brisbane’ homeless and vulnerable youth) When someone who really needed some nurturing gives you a hug after you have given them a facial - priceless.

What imprint would you like to leave on the industry?

That KIND beauty is possible! I want people to come from a place of LOVE for themselves, their skin and their lives. I want to teach and share this way with as many people as possible.

What is your #1 tip for a radiant complexion?

Use oils (always find the right ones for your skin type, and get the highest quality). Massage your face with them, cleanse with them, leave them on! To make an appointment for a facial or to find out more about Kindred Toxin Free, please visit www.kindredtoxinfreefacials.com.au