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15 Ways To Calmer Skin

Even though sensitive skin is a recognised skin type. More often than not our skin itself isn’t sensitive, but it is rather sensitised which means that lifestyle, diet, age and the environment make the skin react.

In this article we cover 15 ways to get calmer skin.

1. Use a Cleanser

You should switch your regular cleanser and start using a cleanser that is made with 100% natural ingredients to help you get a lighter complexion.

Our Uplifting Cleanser is made with 100% natural ingredients and it helps you get a lighter complexion. This heavenly face wash has a beautiful fragrance that gives your skin a fresher experience.

2. Avoid Regular Product Changes

Unless the new products you are using cause irritation, you should not switch it. Give your skin some time to adjust to new products. In general your skin can take up to 21 days for new products to work so give it time.

3. Back to Basics

If you are dealing with difficult skin, it is better to go back to basics and reduce the number of products you are using. Incorporate a basic skincare routine that consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising and you'll get flawless complexion in no time.

Try our Absolute Essentials Pack which includes the most important products you need for a basic skincare routine.

4. Get a Sound Sleep

You might find it strange but a good sleep is essential for a healthy skin. Our products that you will use, work effectively while you sleep and it also helps to reduce stress.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

It is important to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin beneath. Use our Invigorating Body Scrub to exfoliate your skin and get a refreshing feel. Packed full of nourishing, skin-rejuvenating ingredients, our Invigorating Body Scrub leaves any coffee-based exfoliant for dead.

6. Avoid Synthetics

Synthetic ingredients like Phenoxyethanol can be the cause of eczema for sensitive skin. Try to use products with natural ingredients to make your skin healthier.

7. Change Your Pillowcase

To help reduce breakouts and minimize bacteria, try changing your pillowcase regularly. You can also flip it over in between to preserve the freshness of the skin.

8. Clean Your Mobile Phone

Do you find any breakouts on your cheeks? The reason could be the invisible bacteria growing on the screen of your mobile phone. You should also change your makeup brushes to make sure that the equipment you are using is free from harmful bacteria.

9. Use Moisturiser

You might not know but oily skin can also be a victim of dehydration. You should use a light moisturiser like our Luxurious Face Cream to keep your skin moisturised.

10. Lower Refined Sugars

Foods that are high in glucose are the cause of acne and skin inflammation. Try using foods with a lower amount of glucose and track changes in your diary.

11. Maintain PH Balance

Maintaining the skin’s ‘acid mantle’ is essential for all round skin health, so try to avoid products that disrupt it like regular soaps.

12. Keep your Skin Hydrated

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Staying hydrated from the inside promotes a calmer skin.

13. Look after Yourself

Do things that you like and eat what you want. If you are happier, it will reflect on your face.

14. Don’t Scratch

If you have itchy skin or breakouts, avoid scratching as it will damage the skin further.

15. Ask Us

If you are uncertain about how to get a calmer skin, contact me today to get expert advice.

Do you suffer from sensitised skin? Tell us how you combat it effectively in the comments below.