woman getting ready to enjoy a hot bath in winter

Get Into Harmony With Winter

Does lack of motivation, low energy and dry skin sound familiar to you, especially in Winter? Then take a little time out for yourself in order to help you get into harmony with the winter season. Here are a few simple winter rituals you'll want to keep in mind to get you through the rest of the colder, darker months. Scented Candles – Set the mood in your home, office or bathroom this winter with the use of some scented candles. A few popular winter scents include pine, lemon myrtle, cinnamon and jasmine. Baths – Run a hot bubble bath...

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7 bad skin habits you need to break

7 Bad Skin Habits You Need To Break

From sleeping with your makeup on to smoking, bad skin habits are abundant — and they can prevent you from achieving the glowing, clear skin you want. Stop these beauty flaws and you'll be on the road to healthy skin. The consequences of bad skin habits can range from mild irritation to an increased risk of skin cancer. If you aren’t seeing the clear skin you want, take a moment to review your skin care regimen. The following bad skin habits are very common — chances are you’ll find at least one that you can change in your pursuit of...

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